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Sharkosaurus Rampage Report

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Sharkosaurus Rampage

Sharkosaurus rampage is an exciting destruction game where you control a powerful and brutal mutant shark monster that rampages through everything in its path. if you walk into a lab full of suspicious looking people, never play with the humanoid mutant shark inside the water tank. unless you control him in one of these free online games on silvergames.com, obviously. read more ..run, jump, destroy everything in front of you, eat the poor and defenseless humans and find the 3 stars before reaching the end of each level. be careful, those little men may defend themselves with weapons, or even send war vehicles to kill you. just destroy everything and get to the end of every stage. have fun playing sharkosaurus rampage online and for free!

TagsAnimal Bloody Destruction Dinosaur Shark Weird Crashing T Rex Reptile

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