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Roxie'S Kitchen Pizzeria Report

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Roxie'S Kitchen Pizzeria

Roxie kitchen pizzeria is another installment from our favorite roxie with another dish for her social media fans. so here now she wants to show her fans how to cook yummy and tasty pizzas. she need our help to find the items, prepare the dough and bake the pizzas. so first let us collect the flour, eggs, sugar and butter and some other items to prepare pizza dough, next for sauce let us prepare with vegetables. apply all the sausages and cheese and other ingredients and bake the pizza in perfect temperature and finally decorate with your favorite toppings and serve it to her fans. finally let us dress her up with latest dresses from our wardrobe. finally make her happy and play more games only on y8.com.

TagsCooking Decorate Dress Up Food Matching Android Mouse Skill Free 1 Player Series Html5 Girl

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