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Funny Shooter 2 Report

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Funny Shooter 2

Funny shooter 2 is a fun fps game where you fight hordes of absurd enemies! roam the colorful fields and get ready to shoot enemies. your enemies could be regular redmen, toiletmen, giants, and other weird life-like concoctions. shoot these funny ones using a range of guns, grenades, and other explosive-loaded weapons that inflict massive damage. grab the coins for slain enemies and upgrade your weapons. there are many options to help you build a unique loadout of weapons in your own style. claim your rewards in the achievement screen to get nice gold payouts that help fund your upgrades and new weapons. you can also speed up the progress of your games by using the rpg and grenade launcher upgrades on the home screen. enjoy playing this shooting game here at y8.com!

TagsCollecting First Person Shooter Gun 3D Upgrade Killing Blood Mouse Skill 1 Player Series Shooting Action

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