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play Acid Bunny 2

The bunny has flashbacks again.

play Kill-Boi 9000

Move with wasd, bring hearts to your kill-boi, select upgrades with wasd, confirm upgrade with space or by clicking on them.

play Epic Battle Fantasy 5

Go on a 30-hour turn-based rpg adventure! the fifth episode of epic battle fantasy is here! enjoy the beautiful anime rpg that i

play Salmon Jam

A rougelike deckbuilder made for the opera gx jam

play Clocksmith Exorcist

Controls wasd/arrow keys to move mouse (no click) to swing sword esc to pause f to fullscreen

play Slider 112

Arrows to move x to attack (when you have energy) z to show "hint"

play Crazy Zombie 9.0

The living dead are unleashed more than ever and their number continues to increase in this version of the famous beat'em up cra

play Warfare 1917

Lead the british or german army through the trenches of europe in this first world war strategy game. use infantry, armor and f

play Learn To Fly 3

A twist on the learn to fly series, the penguin is challenged to reach space in this vertical launch game.

play Swords And Sandals : Gladiator

Create a gladiator, arm him up with a variety of armor and weapons, and send him into battle against a horde of crazy gladiators

play Ppgd: Battle In Megaville

This is a fighting game based off of the story and characters of ppgd. 6+ playable characters! juggle combo system! several unlo

play Earn To Die

* buy your car * build your car * break through obstacles * enjoy ragdoll physics * win bonuses * reach your destination * outdo

play Tori

Go for the fastest time in individual levels or do an entire speedrun in the timed run. try remix mode for a change of pace: lev

play Warlords 2: Rise Of Demons

"warlords 2: rise of demons" is a fantasy strategy battle game and is the sequel to the highly popular "warlords: call to arms".

play Dig Dig

Dig dig is an infinite driller game. you control a tiny little driller digging for gold and gems and maybe even some cool skulls

play Chicago Skyscrapers Racing

The skyscrapers of chicago look pretty good and ready to be raced upon them so take today's portion of adrenaline rush by drivin

play Battleship War

Lead your fleet in nine missions of increasing difficult to get the final victory! hit enemy ships to gain credit necessary to b

play Untamia'S Fantasy

Enter the open world adventure game of untamias fantasy, a zelda-like game where you take control of a boy on an grand adventure

play Next One Tactics

Next one tactics is a "puzzle tactics" game where you only have one unit, but they switch class every turn! can you fight off t

play Cards Of Iron

Replay of wwii with cards and strategies! make your victory, change the history.

play Spaceport Defense

A lone spaceport is caught in the middle of a deadly asteroid field! only you can fend off the asteroids while purchasing upgrad

play Snail Bob 6: Winter Story

Reach the goal.

play Dino Break Away

The little green dino is trapped inside a cage under the ground. the only way for him to escape is reach the portal that lead to

play Tower Battle 3

Protect skyscraper tower with 20 weapons slot from hundreds of enemy waves! controls: move mouse to edge of screen to scrollin