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play Just Slide- Remastered

kongregate.complay Just Slide- Remastered on - Just slide is a relaxing sliding puzzle game ..

play Outhack

kongregate.complay Outhack on - Toggle cinematic mode to fix freezes

play There Is A Bomb

kongregate.complay There Is A Bomb on - What if you had to stop a bomb in 60 seconds? ..

play There Is A Bomb

kongregate.complay There Is A Bomb on - What if you had to stop a bomb in 60 seconds? ..

play Bloquake

kongregate.complay Bloquake on - It’s an infinite arcade platformer where you ..

play Cursed Island

kongregate.complay Cursed Island on - Explore an island in search of your daughter in ..

play Forest King: Chapter 1

kongregate.complay Forest King: Chapter 1 on - First chapter of a platformer, brought to you ..

play Lisa Helps Shopping

kongregate.complay Lisa Helps Shopping on - Bring back groceries to your quarantined ..

play Tauriel Teaches Typing

kongregate.complay Tauriel Teaches Typing on - An experimental typing game about education ..

play Bunnie'S Carrot

kongregate.complay Bunnie'S Carrot on - Puzzle-platformer. help bunnie recover his ..

play Porklike

kongregate.complay Porklike on - Porklike is a classic, turn-based roguelike ..

play Royal Carpeteer

kongregate.complay Royal Carpeteer on - You are serving a king to fill all the castle ..

play Keydungeon

kongregate.complay Keydungeon on - Keydungeon is a dungeon based, key collecting ..

play Hp Atk Def

kongregate.complay Hp Atk Def on - Collect the pickups in each level and defeat ..

play Soul Mirror

kongregate.complay Soul Mirror on - Enter a mystical mirror realm and prove ..

play Ghost! A Shipwreck

kongregate.complay Ghost! A Shipwreck on - A ghost of a stranded pirate ship is trying to ..

play Chrome

kongregate.complay Chrome on - Chrome is a puzzle platform game where you’ll ..

play Resizer

kongregate.complay Resizer on - Shrink and grow to reach the level goal in this ..

play Fireblob Winter

kongregate.complay Fireblob Winter on - Melt more ice blocks to reach the goal!

play Rewind

kongregate.complay Rewind on - This is the game where you can undo your ..

play Rotate The Maze

kongregate.complay Rotate The Maze on - Rotate the maze in order to guide the ball to ..

play Brdg

kongregate.complay Brdg on - Brdg is a puzzle game about pushing blocks and ..

play Axiel

kongregate.complay Axiel on - Axiel is a puzzle game where you control two ..

play Warper

kongregate.complay Warper on - A skill-based puzzle game about a teleporting ..