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play Noob Vs 1000 Freddys

Welcome to noob vs 1000 freddy's. there are five maps, five different worlds and all of them are filled with fnaf villains. get

play Lost Coins

Lost Coins

Sep 2nd, 2022 play Lost Coins on

Lost coins - welcome to the amazing adventure game in the mines. you need to explore caves and collect all the coins. jump over

play Eat Beans! Not Greens!

Tap on any square full of beans. if the number underneath it is a 0, that's a cause for celebration, as there were no greens hid

play Noob Vs Hacker Remastered

Noob and pro went a long way to find mysterious diamond apples, but hacker steals them! you have to get them back! but how? ask

play Civilization

Civilization is a fascinating evolution game in which you must manage an entire civilization starting with its first inhabitant.

play Morbsweeper


Aug 4th, 2022 play Morbsweeper on

Morbsweeper is a combination of the classic minesweeper game along with the movie morbius, where you play as dr. michael morbius

play Crafty Miner

Crafty Miner

Jul 11th, 2022 play Crafty Miner on

Crafty miner is a deep strategy and idle game to play. here is the main aim for you is to become a rich miner by digging out exp

play Idle Planet Extend

Idle planet extend is a fun sci-fi game to play. explore the planet and refuel your rocket and bring them back to earth. as we a

play Crafty Miner

Crafty miner is an exciting mining and crafting adventure game where you have to create your own tools to collect materials. you

play Ground Breaker

Ground Breaker

Jul 4th, 2022 play Ground Breaker on

Ground breaker - very interesting simulator game, in this game you play as a miner. you need to smash rocks and collect the arti

play Groundbreaker

Groundbreaker is a mining game with the objective to reach the end of the dark mine. collect rocks, find, and buy upgrades to he

play Craft Boy Runner

Craft boy runner is a fun minecraft endless runner game to play. here is our pixel mine craft boy runner who is running around a

play Noob Vs Zombies 3

Noob vs. zombies 3 is a perfect game with many adventures. little hero must collect resources, hunt, craft weapons, fight zombie

play Steve Red Dark

Steve Red Dark

Jun 25th, 2022 play Steve Red Dark on

Steve red dark - arcade runner game in the mines. you need to explore this mine and jump over obstacles to keep running. use sto

play A Mole In A Hole

A mole in a hole - train your memory in this game with a mole. you need to memorize paths and avoid traps. just look at the map

play Deep Miners Idle 2

Deep miners idle 2 is another sequel to the mining game deep miners idle. get ready to assemble a team of miners and fulfill the

play Minecube

Minecube is a fun clicker game where you have to collect as many cubes as you can to earn money and create a huge cube mine full

play Minecube

Minecube is a clicker game to click on the resources to mine and build a big statue! recruit miners, rushers, bigs, and witches

play Island Of Mine

Island Of Mine

Jun 11th, 2022 play Island Of Mine on

Island of mine is an extremely curious and original adventure game in which you will be transported directly to a very mysteriou

play Mining Rush

Mining rush is a clicker game where you can mine minerals, earn money, and buy new mining tools. not just like an ordinary click

play Space Major Miner

Space major miner is an side-scroll action platformer where you play as an astronaut that was sent on a mission to mine for reso

play Noob Steve Dark

Noob steve dark - welcome to the new cool adventure with noob steve and dark cave. explore this cave and collect slender items.

play Mining For The Village

Mining for the village is a clicker game where you need to gather some resources, make some money, buy tools, build, and improve

play Minemerge

Minemerge is a clicker game with merge mechanics. merge identical blocks to collect the resources you need to craft weapons and