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play Cat Burglar & The Magic Museum

armorgames.complay Cat Burglar & The Magic Museum on - Loot as much as you can, but try not to get ..

play Worlds Builder: Farm & Craft

kongregate.complay Worlds Builder: Farm & Craft on - Command the powerful forces of nature to bring ..

play Idle Diamond Grinder

kongregate.complay Idle Diamond Grinder on - A new incremental idle game.

play Dualforce Idle

kongregate.complay Dualforce Idle on - Cool combination of idle and tower defense ..

play Zencrement

kongregate.complay Zencrement on - Simple and relaxing, but addictive!

play Minesweeper World

kongregate.complay Minesweeper World on - A variation of the classical minesweeper game ..

play Revolution Idle 2

kongregate.complay Revolution Idle 2 on - Ninjanic and me made the second part of this ..

play Isekai Quest! Prologue

kongregate.complay Isekai Quest! Prologue on - You were summoned to harem world, full of anime ..

play Miner Of Click

kongregate.complay Miner Of Click on - Make mine earn money

play Planet Annihilator

kongregate.complay Planet Annihilator on - A space-themed logic game.

play First Job

kongregate.complay First Job on - Relaxing puzzle about building happy houses on ..

play Unpuzzlex

kongregate.complay Unpuzzlex on - New unpuzzle game is here! 17 unique puzzle ..

play Idle: Gravity Break-Out

kongregate.complay Idle: Gravity Break-Out on - Destroy brown balls which are the center of the ..

play Idle: Gravity Breakout

kongregate.complay Idle: Gravity Breakout on - Destroy brown balls which are the center of the ..

play Loot Chest Idle

kongregate.complay Loot Chest Idle on - Your poor dog daisy has been kidnapped by the ..

play Unproportional2

kongregate.complay Unproportional2 on - Place all pieces in their correct order. they ..

play Drag The Rope

kongregate.complay Drag The Rope on - In this relaxing game your goal is simple – ..

play Idle Magic Wall

kongregate.complay Idle Magic Wall on - Idle magic wall is a game which you generate ..

play Freemium Idle

kongregate.complay Freemium Idle on - An idle game featuring idle game(s) with ..

play Love

kongregate.complay Love on - Love is an interactive puzzle with every level ..

play Tangled

kongregate.complay Tangled on - Unravel the web of lines using the orbs to ..

play An Old House

kongregate.complay An Old House on - Build a housing empire, or get sidetracked ..

play Bloop Adventure Idle

kongregate.complay Bloop Adventure Idle on - Help bloop, the curious slime in his ..

play Balls And Blocks

kongregate.complay Balls And Blocks on - Idle game “balls and blocks” in which you have ..