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play Metal Swarm

mochimedia.complay Metal Swarm on mochimedia.com - The earth is under attack from a swarm of ..

play I Am Zombie

hotgames.coplay I Am Zombie on hotgames.co - Zombies. you enjoyed shooting them but now they ..

play Bunker Defense: Swarm Of The Infected

mochimedia.complay Bunker Defense: Swarm Of The Infected on mochimedia.com - Your bunker is in the middle of the ..

play Namibian Run

newgrounds.complay Namibian Run on newgrounds.com - Escape the swarm

play Gemcraft

newgrounds.complay Gemcraft on newgrounds.com - Create and combine magic gems, put them into ..

play 100 Balls

newgrounds.complay 100 Balls on newgrounds.com - Swarmed by up to 100 balls, create or destroy ..

play Swarm Shooty

newgrounds.complay Swarm Shooty on newgrounds.com - You're a square. you shoot squares with smaller ..

play Zombie Swarm

newgrounds.complay Zombie Swarm on newgrounds.com - Zombies are taking over the countryside. make ..

play Swarm Defense

newgrounds.complay Swarm Defense on newgrounds.com - Defend yourself against swarms of enemies and ..

play Outpost

hotgames.coplay Outpost on hotgames.co - Outpost is an awesome top-down action shooter. ..

play Swarm

hotgames.coplay Swarm on hotgames.co - The aim of swarm is simple, escape the swarm ..

play Boxhead The Nightmare: Biever And Baby

hotgames.coplay Boxhead The Nightmare: Biever And Baby on hotgames.co - Fight your way through hordes of zombies as ..

play Ion Swarm

hotgames.coplay Ion Swarm on hotgames.co - Control a cloud of blue particles in a simple ..

play Swarm

mochimedia.complay Swarm on mochimedia.com - Definitive arcade! move your ship around the ..

play Swarmers

mochimedia.complay Swarmers on mochimedia.com - Swarmers is all about keeping your swarm alive ..

play Zombieoutbreak

mochimedia.complay Zombieoutbreak on mochimedia.com - Build up your defences and fight the hordes of ..

play Flight Of The Alien Smasher

mochimedia.complay Flight Of The Alien Smasher on mochimedia.com - Smash the aliens with your rotating sphere. ..

play 100 Balls

mochimedia.complay 100 Balls on mochimedia.com - Swarmed by up to 100 balls, create or destroy ..

play Swarm

mochimedia.complay Swarm on mochimedia.com - The swarm is unleashed. fight your way through ..

play Bee Swarm

mochimedia.complay Bee Swarm on mochimedia.com - You have heard some rumors of people being ..

play Prevent The Infection

mochimedia.complay Prevent The Infection on mochimedia.com - You are the first defence of the human ..

play Triangle Wars: Sandbox

newgrounds.complay Triangle Wars: Sandbox on newgrounds.com - Create your own battle against hordes of ..

play Triangle Wars: Episode I

newgrounds.complay Triangle Wars: Episode I on newgrounds.com - Fight hordes of bulletspitting triangles.

play The Core Of Darkness

newgrounds.complay The Core Of Darkness on newgrounds.com - A game about a shadow taking on a fight against ..